The R12 and R13 sections of the PR304 All-Season Road Project extend from the Bradbury River to the North, approximately 22 kms. Along with a bridge being constructed by others across the Bradbury River, it is the final section of the All-Season Road Project that will provide all season access to the Berens River First Nation Community. 

The project is the construction of an all rock 2-lane gravel road structure. Key activities include quarry drill/blast work, as well as controlled Right-of-Way drill/blast work. Aggregate processing and installation of all rock subgrade and aggregate layers. And, drainage improvements, and the installation of erosion control measures. 

Local employment on this project has been a great success with up to 50-60% of in-scope employees being local Berens River First Nation and Bloodvein First Nation Community members. Sigfusson Northern is on schedule for substantial completion.